Paolo De Dea, born in 1960, is a true globe-trotter. A two-wheeler who clocks up over 70,000km a year. His latest journey led him to face a foray across Iceland, which not only put a strain on his body but also challenged his BMW. He is now ready to set off for new horizons and will soon be hitting the road on a world tour! All the details are contained in this exclusive interview!


Hello Paolo, in May you will be embarking on a solo world tour. How long are you going to be away from home and how much time has it taken to prepare?

I think about 8 months, considering that I’ll be covering something like 60,000km, I will be flying over oceans and stopping over in some interesting locations and something unexpected is bound to go wrong and I could end up wasting as much as 50 days …… I will have to cover the distance in a little less than 200 days, with a daily average of 300km, which will be hard to cover in certain countries. The “WORLD TOUR” project was conceived 5 years ago as a result of major changes in my life but due to business and a number of personal commitments I had to put the whole thing on hold but I’m ready now though.