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Himalayas and the highest passes in the world

giorno29 05luglio


Here I am, after yet another request for documents from DHL renounce to take the tires because I can not wait for other days, it would take the timing of my entry into Myanmar, then I'll leave with the ones I've assembled now.Early in the morning I get up and go with Gary to fix a problem that I have with the phone Sim, I leave at noon with a single goal, reach Srinigar by night, the road is very very bad, sometimes I think you can not even to define the road, in fact, when there are about 200 km to reach Srinigar, the police take me in the alt because from then on the road is totally flooded that is impassable, so it is impossible to continue.


Amritsar and the first problems with DHL

giorno24 29giugno


Finally arriving in India, leaving behind the days spent in Pakistan is a liberation, especially the possibility of being able to turn without escort and following my times and schedules.

I go to the Hotel and I learn that here in Amritsar there is a great show for the change of the guard at the border, I inform myself better and it is a sort of brief parade that is held every evening at the closing of the gates that separate the border Indian from Pakistani, it seems like an interesting thing to see and I'm going to go out so as to arrive in time, well! I do not tell you the mess I found on the street, it seemed to go to the stadium, a policeman told me which way to enter, it was a place reserved for tourists, a kind of tribune of honor, I would never have imagined to find so many people.


The crossing of Pakistan

giorno12 23giugno


Arrived in Taftan I had to wait for the next day before leaving with the escort, towards the central hours of the day the heat becomes unbearable and the reduced speed and the continuous changes of stock, certainly not help to refresh, more, with each change of quest last they force me to stay under the sun several minutes.

My first night I step inside a police station that is nothing but a small prison, I think jokingly, "Do you want to see that there will also be prisoners?" And in fact, a couple of cells have inside them people, lying on the ground with a kind of basin near, I do not even want to imagine what it can serve him. I get treated a little 'better and in my "cell" I have carpets on the ground and a fan on the ceiling, I go out to seek a bathroom, there are no words to describe the state of degradation and hygiene, I let you imagine, the night was long, very long, in the distance in the silence you could hear shots.


Persepoli - Night in tents and border with Pakistan

giorno09 11giugno

Yesterday I left behind the metropolis of Tehran and I headed to Esfahal, the desert of Iran is really hot and the helmet and the motorcycle suit certainly do not help to cool off.

This night I felt the emotion of sleeping in a tent in the middle of the desert, a small embers where we cooked meat skewers lit up the desert sand ... we ate comfortably laid on soft Persian carpets and the sunset panorama on the desert it was really suggestive, an emotion that I am happy to have lived ... during the night we also had the meeting with a small desert fox to which we offered a small morsel of meat. What can I say, Iran continues to give me strong emotions.

Tehran and the Tajrish Mosque

giorno07 08giugno

Now I move towards Darband and I realize that the bike is opening up a lot of opportunities, as they have allowed me to go to places otherwise inaccessible, who knows, maybe it has also helped the charm of my Black Queen.

Once parked the bike begins my journey through this path, on the slopes of the Elburz Mountains, which runs along a river, the temperature is slightly lower and you breathe certainly better than in the city, in addition to being able to walk out of the chaotic traffic of Tehran ... I did not expect to find such a suggestive place in such a big city.

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